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Perwira (Wiraland)
Wiraland's outsourced development team, and we build productivity tools for the sales team.
Sales work process can be a very complicated job to track, ranging from the attendance process at several Wiraland residential locations, sales meetings with clients that must be recapitalized and approved, to sending manual memos. Developing a management application can optimize the productivity of the sales team and other support teams.

An internal application for attendance management at various locations, sales tracking, and systematic memo sending.

With this application, the management will be easier to track sales performance. On the other hand, the sales team can also work more effectively with flexible attendance, and the online approval system also makes the sales team not have to bother to prepare documents. The sales team can focus more on their sales, and management can also supervise at any time.


From concept and lengthy discussion, the team that joined together formulated a solution for Wiraland to track the performance of their sales.

From developing ideas, build products to implementing making Wiraland can save more time on this additional project.

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