My Pajak
We work with My Pajak to make taxpayers able to have their consultants anywhere at any time.
Taking care of taxes becomes a big problem for taxpayers who do not have tax knowledge. Offline tax consultations can be a big problem and can complicate taxpayers. Bringing a tax consultant to be able to provide his services online is the goal of this project.

A platform that allows consultants and taxpayers to meet online.

Provides a chat platform for the big problem, "There is no tax capability, but must report taxes." Taxpayers can buy a monthly consultation package and can consult anytime, anywhere.

My Pajak saves the cost of meeting offline by providing affordable tax consulting online. Apart from lowers consultation costs, it is also bringing convenience.


As a technology consultant and part of My Pajak, Springkraf is actively discussing the needs of technology both from chat applications to some business functions therein.

Here Springkraf and My Pajak are very product-oriented, so the products produced are according to the needs of the user and built with rapid development.


Enable My Pajak to serve their customers out of expectation.

From brainstorming to product launch, My Pajak and Springkraf worked so fast that it was successfully launched publicly in only two months.

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