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F2C Furniture
We work with F2C furniture to build a futuristic furniture reseller platform with the notion of selling goods directly from the factory.

F2C Furniture, which is a furniture factory that has decades of experience, from processing raw materials to finished materials. Of the business side too has worked on national and international markets, ranging from Malaysia, China, Taiwan to the United States.

Seeing the available infrastructure and the booming online economy, making F2C Furniture wants to provide opportunities for everyone to be able to do business online, but with a smooth and systematic job.


A reseller platform for everyone.

Selling with many business partners is no longer a dilemma. Springkraf and F2C Furniture come with an integrated reseller platform that contains online catalogues, shipping costs, payments, and commission calculations.


Starting from a rough idea to implementation, that's what can be said here. Working closely with the highly enthusiast F2C Furniture's team, we have never been discouraged in building F2C Furniture to be the most excellent reseller platform at Indonesia.


Making F2C furniture can embrace and build more successful online entrepreneurs.

Starting from the idea, the right software development and supporting resources. Making F2C Furniture able to appear in less than two months and helping thousands of active resellers afterwards.

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