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We know that every work needs to be done in earnest, from the most simple to the most complex. Our team loves their work, and we always believe that we will grow if our products can benefit you. We are all ready to grow with you
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Why we start Springkraf

We started sprinting because we believe that we could help more businesses grow by utilizing technology. We found much competition before we started, and yes! Like most people, we begin with little hope.

However, we keep sprinting, and there is a reason that makes us survive and go this far, is when we are experiencing our products useful for people who believe in our work.

Springkraf company banner image
Springkraf company banner image
Who we are

The team was founded by Denny, Erwin & Jemmy, who were a passionate web & mobile programmer. Not that long when they start building this company in their free time they decided to leave their jobs from leading startups, now they begin to focus on giving more technology services by creating a bigger & stronger team. The team is not often known for their work, but also their responsibility as a third-party IT supporting division.

Our progress so far

We started in 2017. There were many small and big obstacles, but we always compact and proud of our work. It does not mean we will be arrogant and do not accept opinions, and we will still serve and consult by putting aside the ego. Since then, we have been trusted by our clients and become an essential part of their businesses.

Springkraf company banner image
Springkraf company banner image
Our Location

Our team located in Medan, Indonesia. Medan is the third-largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya, as well as the largest city outside ofJava. Medan is the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the presence of Belawan Port and Kuala Namu International Airport, which is the secondlargest airport in Indonesia.

Toll roads and trains complement access from the city center to the harbor and airport. Medan is the first city in Indonesia to integrate airports with trains. Bordering the Malacca Strait makes Medan a vital trade, industry, and business city in Indonesia.

Whom We Work With
Think of technology as a vehicle to accelerate the running of your business, so what business does not require technology? Almost all companies need a technology division. Therefore our business clients come from many types of companies as below:
Real Estate
Reseller Community
Meet Our Leaders
"Do not know then do not love"
We are just people who are enthusiastic about beautifying the world with the capabilities we have. If later we have other abilities, let's see what we can contribute to the world.
Denny Sutomo
Co-founder of Springkraf
Jemmy Phan
Co-founder of Springkraf
Co-founder of Springkraf
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